Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Etsy Store

Now that school is out, I've been keeping myself busy by playing lots of video games, but after a while I started getting restless. After some self-reflection, I realized is all I do all day is sit on my butt in front of one screen or another. So I decided to take up jewelry making again, which is a hobby I've been doing off and on for the past five years but hadn't done for a while. I had all the tools and lots of extra beads, wire and chain so it seemed like something easy and fun to do on the side without having to spend too much.

But now I have all this jewelry lying around that I don't wear, Christmas is far off and there aren't too many birthdays coming up. So after filing a box full of jewelry and nothing to do with them, I decided to open up an Etsy store. Etsy is a lot more complicated than running my Zazzle store because there are more fees and I have to take tax into consideration and deal with inventory, shipping, packaging etc etc but I think it'll be a fun experience. I've only put up a few pieces so far and plan on slowly releasing them over time over the weekdays to maximize SEO, but for now I think this will be a great experiment.

Here's the link to my Etsy shop main page:

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