Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beginning

Lately I've been up to so many different projects and initiatives that I've decided a blog would be the best way to keep track of them and share them with my friends. Most of them involve graphic design for my Zazzle stores, but I enjoy doing jewelry, sewing and random construction projects. Many of these I make as gifts, but a decent number of my projects focus around my pet hamster. My friend and I run a website that records the distance my hamster, Victoria, runs each night and we've been mapping her progress with a Google Maps mash-up on Hamster Across America.

Over the Martin Luther King 3-day weekend I put together a new loft addition for Victoria's cage. Her previous owner had a bunch of tubes she liked to climb in, but the cage I had for her didn't have anywhere to put them, so I decided to make my own custom cage roof to attach them. I dimensioned out the roof using Adobe Illustrator and cut them out on a laser cutter over at Techshop. The whole thing is held together with some acrylic glue and epoxy. The tubes came with interchangeable locking rings so I can attach different things up on top to keep her from getting bored. Right now I have a loop that I like to call "The Observatory" set up. It kind of reminds me of the walkway suspended over the Grand Canyon. :)

Also I put together a little shelf for her to hide under and climb on to replace a similar wooden toy her previous owner had for her but was really chewed up and covered in splinters. You can see the shelf and her new digs in the pictures below.

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