Thursday, February 4, 2010

Graphic on aquatic animals

Over the past few weeks I've been slowly trying to build up the inventory of my newest Zazzle gallery, Infographic. My latest design features various animals that live in the open oceans. My original plan was to show animals at various depths, since I'm fascinated with deep sea creatures, but I quickly discovered that deep sea creatures are not only fairly undocumented but also tend to be on the small side. If I were to put them to scale next to many of the creatures I was planning on putting in the shadows, you'd hardly be able to see them. For example, marlin can be several meters long, but your average deep-sea angler fish is only a few centimeters long. So after some debate, I finally decided to switch the theme to large beasts of the open ocean. Perhaps in the future I'll make a poster specifically for creatures of the deep sea and include cool bottom-dwelling creatures like giant isopods.

Most of the facts I got off of FishBase. You can check out the poster and other products here.

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